Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


Can I rent my house to tourists only for a few days?

Of course you can rent any house you have as long as it is furnished. Whether it is a maisonette or a house you can rent to tourists.

Do I need a GNTO licence?

Licensing is now optional. If it is feasible, we suggest that you receive it.

Since November 1, 2015 the respective property owner can make short-term leases such as 3-day rentals.

More specifically:

With the enactment of Law 4336/2015, article 2, paragraph 4, and as mentioned in the Government Gazette

Paragraph 4, Article 2 of 4336/2015

“4. Paragraph 1, article 2 of 4276/2014 (Α ́155) and paragraph 7, article 2 of 2160/1993 (Α’118) shall be repealed with effect from 1 November 2015.”

the following 2 articles, where it was not possible to lease estates for less than 30 and 90 days respectively, are annulled.

Paragraph 1 Article 2 of 4276/2014

1. A property rented for a temporary stay of the tenant for less than thirty (30) days is considered a tourist accommodation.

Paragraph 7 Article 2 of2160/1993

7. Properties that are proven to be fully or partially rented with a fixed rent for a month or for the whole duration of the lease if the lease exceeds ninety (90) days, are not considered to be tourist accommodation.

What is your relationship with AirBnB?

Airbnb is one of the distribution channels we use for bookings.

Why shall I prefer a few days tourists rather than regular tenants?

By renting your home to tourists the payouts are much higher than those of long-term leases.

What does it mean to assign you my property?

By assigning to us your property means that you give us the management and promotion of your property, its reservations and their handling. We undertake all the actions needed in order to rent your home to tourists. From promoting your home on the internet, travel agencies and tourist exhibitions, up to cleaning services and dealing with all the problems that may arise.

I am already on Airbnb or some other ιστοσελίδα προώθησης. Is it possible to collaborate with you?

Of course it is! We will take over the promotion you have started and we will continue with all the means we have in order to increase the visibility of your accommodation.

I already have some partners who promote my property. What will happen to these?

All of your collaborations can be maintained and handled by us. The only thing you have to do is to refer them to us, the manager of property.

Can I or my relatives stay in the house for some days?

At any time, you or whoever you wish can stay at the house.

How do we start

Who takes the professional pictures?

Leave this to us! Pictures are the key ingredient for making a difference in the bookings. We will handle a professional photography of your house.

Who is taking care of the advertisements and the listings?

Our team will post your property in all the appropriate distribution channels for holiday rentals.

What is the minimum stay in days that I can have for my property?

You define the minimum stay. In any case, we will advise you accordingly based on our experience.

How long, after starting our collaboration, will I get my first reservation?

We will start immediately with your property for the quickest possible result.

Who is responsible for welcoming the tenants to the vacation rental?

Our team is responsible for the check in. At that time, customers pay a security deposit in order to cover any damages that may occur.

Who is responsible for the check out process of the holiday rental? Who inspects the house for potential damages?

Our team is responsible for the check out and inspection of the house according a checklist with all the items of the vacation house. In case of any damages then the security deposit will be withheld.  From our experience we can inform you that we have never noticed any serious damages.

What about the keys and possible copies of them?

If for any reason you stop renting your property then we suggest you change the locks.

Who is responsible for cleaning the holiday rental between reservations?

We have a specialized team dealing with professionally cleaning the vacation rental and all about the linens and towels.

Information about the house

What shall a vacation house have?

It has to be furnished with good aesthetics and provide all the necessities such as: Heating, Air-Condition, Internet, Equipped kitchen, Hot water, TV, Washing machine.

Does the house have to be equipped with linens and towels?

No, we can provide you with these. We prefer to have our own linens and towels in order to maintain uniform quality in all the houses we manage.

After assigning my property to you do I have any obligations?

From the moment we are assigned your property you have no obligation towards your customers. It goes without saying that you need to take care of all the bills in order to avoid any interruptions to water, electricity or gas.

If the tenant asks for something who will serve him?

We are the ones that will take care of every need of the tenant. You will not have to deal with the requests of anyone.

Will I have any contact with the tourists?

The contact with the tourists is only through us and any problem that might occur is handled by us.


How do I collect the rent?

Via wire transfer, cash or PayPal.

When do I receive the rent?

Upon tenant’s arrival, the rent is paid within a 24-hour period.

Do I need to start a business for that?

No, because it is a simple lease, that just need to be reported to the tax office.

Do I need to give receipts?

It is the same as in all short term leases. The declaration of the lease at your tax office is your official receipt.

How am I informed about the reservations?

You will have access to a personal website where you will be able to see all the bookings online. At any time you can request to send you a reservation status.

Shall I get an insurance for my house?

It would be a good idea to insure your house for this type of exploitation (short-term rental). We have already found the best choices in the market for you.