Smart Hotelier


The service package that we offer,

instantly ensures the upgrade

of your online image and the increase of direct bookings.

  • All-In-One Services
  • Constant control of all functions
  • Great financial results
  • Drastic reduction in operating costs
  • Monitoring of performance results and bookings
  • Personalized services

What is the All-In-One Service

Reservation Management & Reporting

  • Reservation management and communication with customers is a task that must be done without delays.
  • Managing all distribution channels in order to avoid double bookings is demanding.
  • The hotelier has immediate access to all bookings via a software system.

Channel Management

  • Reservation management & PMS
  • Distribution Systems – Channel Manager (OTA’s, GDS)
  • Pricing Strategy & Dynamic rating
  • Control of your accomodation
  • Access to booking update system
  • Scheduling of cleaning services & other activities
  • Reporting
  • Revenue management

Brand & Business Setup

A sophisticated profile is the image of your business.

The corporate identity needs to be adapted to the style of your accommodation.

Having in mind the expansion of the tourist season, we offer you an overall business plan for your accommodation.

Website Creation

Your own personalized products

  • Brand & Logo Development
  • Personalized Products
  • Website creation with online reservations system

Marketing & Advertising

The promotion of your business and the planning of the marketing strategy is the most important part of a tourism business. Managing all the advertisement channels requires experience.

Social Media & Management

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Ads, CPC, SEO
  • Social Media

How we work

Before arrival:

  • Marketing (Online – Offline)
  • Direct communication with guests
  • Social Media

During the stay:

  • Social Media
  • Halkidiki Magazine
  • Welcome pack

Upon & after departure:

  • Review & Feedback from guests
  • Social Media
  • Creating loyalty for returning guests

Localized experts

Hospitality Experts Specialized in Halkidiki since 2008

Our expertise in Halkidiki prefecture since 2008 makes us specialists in providing in-depth information to visitors during their stay in order to experience the area as locals and they will create memories that will want to relive and come back to learn the rest of the “secrets”.

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